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In today's financial world, smart money are on the lookout for alternative payment methods, currencies, digital assets, speculation opportunities or just diversification and hedging of capital risk. One avenue of approach, toward those goals, is acquiring crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum by directly buying the coins from exchanges, but this type of investment is not suited for everyone due to the price volatility and technical requirements needed to manage with crypto exchanges. We will describe the optimal and less risky way to get involved in the crypto space. 

Considering crypto-currency prices are very volatile, it is hard to know exactly when to buy and when to sell and by definition this is just profit from price speculation, but we are here for the long run, for the technology innovation! A speculative investor needs short term and long term strategies in order to make profitable decisions. Those kinds of activities are very time consuming, emotionally draining and sleep depriving. 

So what is the best way to participate in the crypto-currency world without exposing yourself to a huge financial risks in a short time frame? We will answer that question for you: 

Running your own mining hardware such as GPU rigs or ASICs or renting them is the best way to invest in the cryptocurrency niche for the long run. 

The next important question that follows is, how much time will be required to get a return on your investment. The answer is that it is variable and depends on multiple factors:
    •    The type of coin being mined
    •    The price of the coin being mined
    •    The local price of electricity and miner consumption
    •    The difficulty of the coin's network
    •    The hardware and software configuration of the miner
    •    The up-time of the miner
    •    The initial price of the miner 

As you can see, some are known, others are unknown and we can only try to predict them. For example, we know the price of the miner hardware, its power consumption and the price of electricity, but we don't know what the price or the difficulty of the coin will be next month. So we can't control or predict them and therefore if we want to make the optimal investment in mining hardware, we need to account for all the known factors from the list above. 

The most important factor is the price of electricity. Electricity prices vary from country to country by large percentage, sometimes %500 or more. Getting cheap electricity is priority number one if you are going to be crypto mining. 

Secondly, The price of the miner and the time required to wait for the miners to arrive after money has been paid. It might not seem a big of deal at first glance, but waiting for something to arrive that creates profit every day, is simply a loss of profit with every day we keep waiting and prolongs return of investment period and rate. 

Last, but also very important factor is: The miner's software has to be optimized to the maximum extent possible and the miners need to be up and running 24/7, so they keep generating income with no down-time. Regular driver and bios updates are a must. Electricity and internet connectivity should never fail. The lower the temperature of the miners, the longer they will last and the more money they will earn you in the long run. 

Lets say someone decides to go down the path of purchasing, assembling and configuring a GPU miner on their own. I will walk you through that process without going in to too much detail. 

Researching and buying hardware: It might seem easy, but I guarantee you this is one of the hardest things to do. You need to research hardware manufacturers and decide what brand are you going to use. AMD or Nvidia, mid-range or high-end. Calculate efficiency of GPU per watt of energy. Make sure to buy the correct RAM memory and CPU for your motherboard. Sometimes mistakes happen and more money is wasted for unnecessary parts. You'll have to buy extenders/risers and you have to buy more than you need just in case some extenders fail. After you have decided on the number of GPUs you are going to buy and checked their specifications, you need to research for a suitable PSU power supply unit, that is going to be enough to support the electricity consumption of all the GPUs, you have to account for the amount of 6-pin or 8-pin cables too . In the end you'll end up using multiple vendors for different parts and having warranties for every part from different vendors. And after all this hard work and money spent, comes the long wait. One day your motherboard arrives, then 2 days later risers arrive and when finally the last part arrives the wait is over, the next part begins... Time required: 10-30 days 

Assembling the hardware: If you're the type of person who builds your own pc, then this is going to be easy, but if you don't have that kind of experience it would require a lot of reading and troubleshooting. Time required: 1-7 days 

Researching coins and mining pools, configuring, installing and optimizing: First you need to decide what coin are you going to mine and then find the appropriate mining pool to join. After that, you need to research what is the best mining software, install and configure it. Meanwhile you need to research for the best GPU BIOS and flash it onto the graphics cards. This is very risky and most people advise against it, because you can brick your cards, void warranty and get yourself in big trouble. After that you need to research and create yourself a wallet and configure the mining software accordingly. Time required: 5-15 days 

Supporting the miner: The mining process runs on its own without the need of human interaction, but more often than we would like it crashes or needs a reboot and it requires human assistance. Time required: 5 minutes to 1 hour every week. 

Dealing with heat and noise: All the miners produce a lot of heat and need cooling. Running a miner in your living room is not pleasant. You'll have to either run it hot without cooling to avoid noise or it will be noisy, but at least the hardware will be running at lower temperatures which will increase its life expectancy. One way or another, you would be making a compromise with the hardware or with your home comfort. 

On average, after all the money have been spent, you would have to wait a few weeks for parts to be shipped, then after installing, troubleshooting and configuring it would have totaled to more than a month, just to realize that the miner has a soul of his own and needs weekly maintenance and support. 

Don't you wish you could avoid all of this hassle, just invest today and start mining as soon as tomorrow? 

Well, you can! Thanks to Northmine's vision and our talented staff who have specialized in every aspect of crypto-mining optimization, you can buy a miner from us, or collocate your miner in our data center and invest in crypto mining without having to being an IT specialist, having to babysit the miner or turning your living room into a hot and noisy server room. 

As an added benefit, all of our clients hardware is being run at the best software and hardware configurations, the best BIOS versions at the lowest temperatures and power consumption possible. Don't waste your time and money, let us help you with what we do best and start mining without waiting months! 

We offer an absolutely care-free mining solutions to our clients, so they can focus on their own businesses, while we support their miners.

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