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Inside Our Data Center

Our high standard facility is dedicated to housing computers equipment and related components such as Rigs and ASIC units. Storage systems, and other equipment controlled by these systems are monitored by sophisticated software and engineers that distribute computer power and resources to ensure optimal performance. All of these combine together provide you with the best possible experience for you and your miners! Northmine data center have a number of precautions and safety measures in place to ensure the equipment and data is not damaged, inoperable, or lost. Our center, for all intents and purposes, was uniquely designed by miners for miners using our own (we mine here as well!) custom machines.

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Northmine offers you high compactness colocation of your mining hardware units.

Our Colocation space is with a size of 1000 square meters and one more of the same size is currently being built.

The optimal infrastructure is designed for 2500 Rigs or ASIC units capacity

We are ready to take up to 600 machines in a short time term depending on a size of the order (1 week to 1 month)

We have 1MW electrical power installed, 2MW are in progress to be installed.

We have 24/7 security monitoring with armed guards on site, with camera monitoring and recording.

Operations system with central command and control ensures secure environment for your assets.

Schneider electric installation - meets all high standards requirements for sustainability and safety.

Highly secured network infrastructure that guarantees security and protection against unauthorized access.

Four independent Internet providers (three fiber optic routes and wireless)

24/7 support line.

We take legal responsibility for the machines in case of fire, flood, theft, etc

95% SLA i.e. when electricity or internet drops off for more than 5% of the time in a month, we owe a penalty to the customer for the time after the 5 percent of the amount of extraction as it would have been at that time.

With an option in which we assume the overall machine management, the cost is 10% of the extra cost after the above costs.

Physical access to the center is only if we are informed in advance and in the presence of our employee.

It is forbidden for customers to carry out physical work in the center. If necessary, and if the customer is in need of repairing or installing anything, we provide him a space in a slinging room.

Access to machines is remotely via VPN. Each of our clients is located on a separate network (VLAN). In this way, we guarantee that the customer can NOT access equipment that is not his/her ownership.

Each customer who has more than 5 machines has a personal electricity meter that can be tracked in real time.

We can take the whole maintenance of the machines (replace parts and deal with stores which provide the equipment of each machine)

We can reinstall the machines if needed.

Full support in eventual technical issue.

Consultancy and engineering services.

Note: each of our clients has 4 hours per month to communicate with us and we are open to answer any kind of questions regarding the work and profits of the machine.